🚨 IMPORTANT: The first step for someone who is just starting out with the Mac is downloading the Xcode. Open App Store and put Xcode to download. It (~12 GB) takes a long time to finish, trust me. Consider it the first requirement for M1 Electron development.


  • Install Xcode and Xcode Tools
  • Install NVM for NodeJS v15
  • Use Electron >= v11
Electron Development on M1 Macbook
Electron Development on M1 Macbook
M1 MacBook

Apple has released its own chip called the M1 using the ARM architecture. Intel’s architecture is different from Apple’s, and apps built for Intel would need to be rebuilt to run on Apple technology.

Building for ARM on…

Sometimes, you may need your Electron-based app to still be running in the background while hidden from the user. Some use-cases are: To receive push notifications, quick relaunch etc.

What does ‘background’ mean?

As you may already know, there’re two processes in Electron; Renderer and Main. Renderer process is responsible for showing the ‘content’ in the Window. Think of the Renderer as the client-side of the app. Main is the actual background process that does the stuff that we’d normally do on the server-side.

So when we’re talking about running Electron in the background, we mean to only keep the Main process running and…

I’ve been writing Electron apps for about four years, and one of the problems I’ve encountered many times is sending push notifications in Electron.

If you’ve used Push on the web or on any mobile platform like Android or iOS, you know how useful and important it is. But Electron (as of writing) does not have web push APIs and so services like Firebase and Pusher also don’t work with it.

Push Vs. Notification

When it comes to Push, a common confusion found in developers is about the difference between push, and notifications.

Push, as the name suggests, is a term used for…

Recently I came across a relatively old HTML5 feature called SSE (Server-Sent Events) which, as the name implies, are used to listen to events sent by the server. Which means, the connection is uni-directional, unlike WebSockets.

It has been over-shadowed by the shining, feature-full, all-browser-compatible WebSockets so far. But it can be very useful in situations where bi-directional communication is not a requirement and we need to avoid long-polling.

⚡️ P.S: Read this if you’re looking to add push notifications to NodeJS or Electron apps.

What are Server Sent Events?

In its essence, the SSE feature is quite simple. You need your server to send…

There are many reasons to register a company in US but for me it was just because it sounded cool. So I’m researching about how one can do so without visiting US personally.

This series of posts would serve as documentation for me and may as well help others who are searching for the same.

NOTE: This post details the requirements and process for a LLC (Limited Liability Company).

Why Delaware?

I’m choosing Delaware because in my research it has been the most recommended state to incorporate in. Your requirements may vary if you are already operating in any other state of…

I recently saw a blog had used the scroll progress of page in percentage on every post. I liked the idea so thought why not try it and create a JavaScript snippet. So here we are.

Note: I’m not using jQuery. Its plain JavaScript. But it can also be done with jQuery. Of course, the code below can be used with jQuery too.


Listen to scroll event

We’ll add an addEventListener to window object. What are your thoughts on using document here instead?

window.addEventListener('scroll', function() {});
// in jQuery:
$(window).on('scroll', function(){});

But I suggest you attach this event after DOM has been loaded

I’m just getting started with designing and have been playing in Sketch for 2 days. I read a few tutorials and learned how it works.

First thing I wanted to try was the currently popular ‘Long Shadow Effect’. Found a great tutorial on it. It really was easy and created the effect. However, what I wanted was the shadow to be really long (like unending).

So, played around myself and found a really simple (at least to me) technique.

Step 1.

Start Sketch and create an Artboard. Simply press ‘A’ and draw it on canvas. You can set it to any size…

Read how to use an inactive twitter for your brand/company.

Read how to use an inactive twitter for your brand/company.

A few weeks ago, we launched our website for Startup Bundle. We also wanted social media presence so wanted to register a twitter handle with same name. But we found out that the handle we wanted, @startupbundle was already in use. But is was inactive since it was registered in June 2012. Had no tweets and only 2 followers.

We really wanted the handle as it matched our domain name and we thought it was necessary for people to find us on Twitter. Anyways, we went ahead and registered the…

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